Wopho.orghttp://www.wopho.com/News From World Physics Olimpiad2010 WophoTue, 27 Jun 2017 14:01:55 +0700Here Is The New World Physics Olympiad Championhttp://www.wopho.org/news-news.php?id=29The 2nd World Physics Olympiad is finally over. New champions were revealed during the closing ceremony at Hotel Aryaduta, Tangerang, Indonesia.http://www.wopho.org/news.php?id=29The 2nd WoPhO: A Very Vital Branch for theScience Olympiadhttp://www.wopho.org/news-news.php?id=28“It’s a very special competition because it’s not only for the high school students anymore but also for freshmen from university can take part as well. And they are the best.http://www.wopho.org/news.php?id=28WoPhO 2012 - Final Problemhttp://www.wopho.org/news-news.php?id=27Please find out the Final problem for WoPhO 2012http://www.wopho.org/news.php?id=27Jakarta & Tangeranghttp://www.wopho.org/news-news.php?id=26Jakarta is the main entrance gate to Indonesia. Situated on the coast of North Java, it is a vast and densely populated metropolitan which is divided in five administrative areas: North, South, West and East.http://www.wopho.org/news.php?id=262nd WoPhOhttp://www.wopho.org/news-news.php?id=25Being a winner of an olympiad is a very prestigous achievement. But what does it feel like to be crowned as the ultimate champion among all champions from various international physics olympiads? http://www.wopho.org/news.php?id=25The Final Roundhttp://www.wopho.org/news-news.php?id=24The Final Round of WoPhO will be held in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia between December 28th and January 3rd, carrying over to the next year.http://www.wopho.org/news.php?id=24Schedulehttp://www.wopho.org/news-news.php?id=23Schedule of 2nd WoPhO for Studentshttp://www.wopho.org/news.php?id=23Hand Book of 2nd WoPhOhttp://www.wopho.org/news-news.php?id=22Please find out, the Hand Book of 2nd World Physics Olympiadhttp://www.wopho.org/news.php?id=22